Many of you may have heard this catch phrase” WHO OWNS THE INFORMATION - OWNS THE WORLD”. I don’t want to own the world. The world is for everyone and not for just anyone alone, but I would be glad to own some “special” information, that would help me increase my chance to win the “SUPER PRIZE” or “JACKPOT” and change my life! 

   B.Disraeli once said: -As a rule, the greatest success is achieved by the one who has the best information. That is where I am aiming for, trying to transcribe the drawing of prize numbers! In the payable part I will record and transcribe the drawing history of each number separately. Transcription and information of any drawn number I will update within two days after each drawing in any draw.

   In the payable part of the site you have the possibility to rise to a new level of information and to have additional opportunities to monitor hidden numbers behaviour, in order to detect some individual, interesting and often occurring events in the life of each of the numbers.

   Of course any player, if he wants, can try to use this knowledge to his advantage. But the player cannot effectively use the interesting information, if it is not recorded anywhere! Unrecorded information the player is forced to analyze only from memory, but in time he forgets and distorts it. Then the player adjusts the new information to the old distorted one and all over again. But we are lottosnipers don’t need that distorted information – we need accurate and 100% information and that means we need some special diary for the notes!

   And I offer you such a living diary – I call it a lottosniper diary. The information in the diary will be like an aim with the help of which you try to hit exactly in the goal chosen by you.


    And of course in the last draw interesting stories also occurred! So that you didn’t think that I use pretty words, I will give you an example from the last drawing under №270/3060. As you can see in the last drawing were drawn numbers №2; 3; 27; 28; 30 and + №17. Let’s take the very first number №2 and I will tell you a secret of its behaviour.

   I am looking at individual drawing history of number №2…

  Good. So: - at photo №90 we can see that number №2 were drawn 31 times in 270 drawings.

Photo № 90

   Let’s take the last 15 drawings with the number №2 and see what I can, something interesting, tell you! Let’s start from 17th drawing of the number №2 and so in order up to the 31st of its drawing.

Photo № 91

   As you can see in the photo №91 from the first 6 of its drawings – 4 times number №2 was drawn with one of the number, which had a delay of exactly two drawings! Four out of six … Class! Let’s look at the photo №92.

  Note: in the blue circle – there are numbers with a delay of two drawings at the moment of the drawing of number №2. In the black circle – there are numbers that don`t have a delay of two drawings, because it’s been drawn in the next two drawings.

Photo № 92

   In the photo №92 we see, that out of the first of its 12 drawings the number №2 7 times was drawn with one of the number (more often), which had a delay of exactly two drawings! Seven times out of twelve – that is very good result! Interestingly, with which numbers in the remaining three drawings will be drawn number №2? Let’s see … And in the last three of its drawings the number №2 continued to be drawn exactly with one number, which had a delay of exactly two drawings !!! (photo №93) 

Photo № 93

    As you can see for yourself in the last 10 drawings out of 15 the number №2 was drawn with one of the number (more often), which had a delay of exactly two drawings!

     -    Will the №2 continue to be drawn in that way?

     -    It`s not you and not me don`t know this.

   But we know what kind of its behaviour is now! What if such behaviour of number №2 will continue? That is why different knowledge of numbers behaviour every player can try EFFECTIVELY use in the following drawings!

   In the lottosniper diary, in the history of each number you will be able to find different “interesting” stories. At your own choice and wish you can choose these stories so that you can hunt them.

     Dear visitors of the site ! I want to remind you once again that by telling you about numbers behaviour I refer to the real history of numbers behaviour. I will give you one more little example taken from not invented history of number № 36 !

   For the last 270 drawings number №36 were drawn only 35 times! Let’s write out from the general free of charge table №1 exactly the last 10 drawings with the drawn number № 36 !

Photo № 94

   Write out in order beginning from 26th of its drawing  ( photo № 94 ).

  Of course, in these 10 drawings number №36 was drawn with some numbers more and with some less. That is even clear to a child! We used to think that the most important in the history of numbers is knowing which numbers are drawn among themselves more often! THIS IS ONLY A FRAMEWORK AND NOTHING ELSE COULD NOT BE!

  This is logical, what else could be so interesting!?



  Ok, let’s go back to number №36 ( photo № 95 ) !!!


Photo № 95

   Look carefully and IN ORDER ! As you can see for yourself number №36 was drawn 7 times out of 10 exactly with one of the numbers that was drawn in its last drawing !!!

   That is a repeat event ! – but in its personal and individual history of the number behaviour № 36.

   In its 35 drawings with what number №36 was drawn more often ?

   With the number № 34 ! A pair of numbers №34-36 in its 35 drawings has seven drawings in the history of number № 36 ! 

                                                                                                      Photo № 96

      But we know that only in the last 10 drawings number №36 was drawn 7 times with “repeat” event ( photo № 96 ). What data do you like more – seven out of thirty five or seven out of ten? Will the №36 continue to be drawn together with the repeat event - we don’t know.

Photo № 97

   BUT !!!  If we imagine that in the next drawing № 36 again will be drawn with the “repeat”, then we already know, with which one number out of four, the number № 36 can be drawn (photo № 97)! The only question is what other numbers the player can guess and write under the question mark !

   If the number №6 will not be drawn with a “repeat” in the next drawing, then the player at his own wish can continue to hunt for number № 36 in the next drawings using the numbers for “repeat” as on photo № 97, but only from the last drawing.

  Although there are other secrets of number №36, but I will stop here. I just wanted to show you again that in reality in the history of numbers occur not invented events !