The repeat event we will call such happened event in which one number or few numbers from previous drawing again were drawn in the next drawing. The repeat event in the delays table we will mark as a green square with letter "  R  " in the middle. (photo № 12)

Photo № 12

    Let’s check how often repeat event occur?

   At this moment when I am writing these lines, in my collection recorded 270 lottery drawings “Super Lotto Plus”. First 10 drawings we will skip. Let the numbers to be drawn and then check the last 260 drawings for a repeat. Counting, the replay occurred in 104 drawings out of 260!

   If we divide 260 drawings in half, then we get exactly 130 drawings and 104 was a repeat. The repeat certainly is not up to the half, but this is one of the best indicators in the delay of numbers table. The conclusion is very simple: those players who in their selection of numbers strategy didn’t play the numbers from the last drawing, in 104 drawings out of 260 simply didn’t have a chance to guess all prize numbers. And what indicator of the repeat event has additional numbers, where you need to guess 1 out of 27? For the last 260 lottery drawings – were only 16 repetitions! As you can see additional numbers doesn’t like to be repeated! Remember it!

   We also have to answer to the other serious question. How do repetitions occur between the numbers where you need to guess 5 numbers out of 47? How often repetition of one or two numbers occur from previous drawings? Let's count…

  For the last 260 lottery drawings – only 104 repeated drawings.

  For the last 260 lottery drawings – only in 1 drawing was a repeat of 3 numbers. (1-104)

  For the last 260 lottery drawings – only in 18 drawings was a repeat of 2 numbers. (18-104)

  For the last 260 lottery drawings – only in 85 drawings was a repeat of 1 number. (85-104)

   As you can see for yourself, 1 number from previous drawing is repeated more often! This means any player who selects more than 1 number from previous game for the next drawing run the risk in most cases to lose a chance to get 5+1 or simply 5 numbers!

   And now the most important question: How on practise effectively make use of repeat event? The strategy is very simple and easy. Only let’s now replace questions with real numbers. (photo № 13)

Photo № 13

   Now we know that less than half of all the drawings, among the 5 prize-winning numbers (5 out of 47), there is at least1 number from previous drawing repeated more often, which refers to the repeat event -"  R  " (photo №14)

Photo № 14

   So, let’s take for example the last 270 drawing under the number № 3060. The numbers were 2-3-27-28-30 “ 17”.Write each individual number in different options. This will looks like photo № 15.

Photo № 15

   If we imagine that in the 271st drawing there will be a repeat event and one of the numbers from the last drawing will be repeated, then having written once more one number in each of the options, will mean that one of the numbers already 100% correctly guessed and written before it get drawn. The only question is what will the player write in the remaining “questions”? In my further explanations the question mark will mean the following:

1)The numbers at the moment are not yet selected by the player.

2)The numbers at the moment were selected at the player’s judgement.

   For fans of the game who select their “favourite numbers” I want to repeat that even if it is not your favourite numbers №2, №3, №27, №28 and №30, then if there is a repeat event  in the next 271st  drawing, then precisely from these numbers will be drawn one of the numbers!!! If the repeat event does not occur in the next 271st drawing and the player still wants to play the repeat event, then the player takes numbers from 271st drawing and uses them for the next 272 drawing!!! Already numbers from the 271st drawing will be suitable for the repeat event. With what other numbers can you play the repeat event? Here, of course, there is a free choice of the player with which numbers to replay, but   great importance is that the player knows about other events in the life of the numbers! Of course as an example of the history number 42 (photo № 16) you can see that numbers could have their own individual “interesting” history, which players might consider and use it in their numbers selection strategy.

Photo № 16

   For example number №4 for the last 270 drawings were drawn 30 times. Out of 30 times number №4 were drawn 14 times with repeat event! Almost in 50%!

   Other example number №19, for the last 26 drawings were drawn 13 times with repeat event! Exactly 50%! If, for example, the player expects that №19 with repeat event will get drawn in the 271st drawing as well, then to each option add also number №19. (photo № 17)


Photo № 17

   The repeat event and number № 19 were recorded together. We are looking for more numbers… The player, depending on information available to him, can choose to use this information when selecting numbers. For example for the next drawing 271/3061 also select number № 12 – reason for selection particular this number exist! (photo №18)

Photo № 18

We add to the repeat event number №12. (photo № 19)

Photo № 19

   We added only three numbers to each option, but if we imagine that in the next drawing 271/3061 the repeat event will occur along with numbers №19 and №12, then somewhere in one of the five options - 100% the three numbers are already recorded and guessed correctly! The only question is, what the player to write down in the remaining question marks ?