Mathematicians and some players have an opinion that combinatory systems allow, depends on the chosen system, in dozens and even in hundreds of times, to increase the chance of winning. Sounds tempting… Here you have a choice of systems for sorting numbers with their guarantees, write down “your numbers” according to the system and … wait for the lottery draw and hope, what if all of sudden you have a luck!

    Sometime ago when I was just starting to work on my tables and didn't know anything serious about the nature of the drawing character and numbers behaviour, the combinatorics seemed to me inspiring hope of easy winning. Perhaps this is so for someone now, but having risen to a new information level, me personally don’t use anymore, when choosing numbers for the lotteries, “random” combinatorics! I don’t like when combinatory system writes for me the “random” order of chosen by me numbers. Even if these combinatorial systems are created by the best mathematicians of the whole world, they may be ineffective for the player because they can seriously ignore the real behaviour of the drawn numbers.

    I will give you a simple example. We take one of many different other systems, for example: 10 numbers – 17 options.

   The system offers to us its own selection in the following way… (photo №80).

Photo № 80

    Under these 10 numbers it is assumed that we players must select our own numbers and write them down by using created by mathematicians and chosen by us their smart system. Choose the numbers …let’s say I liked the behaviour of the “event” of repeat (5 out of 47) – this is when the drawn number or numbers from the past drawings is repeated. In the last 20 drawings a repeat occurred in 8 drawings. This is a good result, therefore under the first 5 numbers out of 10, I record 5 numbers from the last 270th drawing – this are the numbers №2; №3; №27; №28; №30.

    We bind our numbers to numbers from the combinatorial system, for example: 1 – (2); 2 – (3); 3 – (27); 4 – (28); 5 – (30) and write them down according to the system. Under the question mark “?” are written down some other numbers, therefore numbers from 6 to 10 we will mark with a question (photo №81).

Photo № 81

 Let’s remember the history of №42, which at the moment likes to be drawn together with a “repeat” event (photo №82).

Photo № 82

   Therefore for an even better example will add to combinatorial system the №42 (photo №83). What if in the 271st drawing a repeat event will get drawn together with №42.

Photo № 83

    Now let’s try to figure it out. We have already said that in most drawings with a repeat gets drawn “EXACTLY” one number from the previous draw and less often gets drawn two numbers from the previous draw. The drawing of 3 numbers from previous draw so far happened only once and we can say this is at the moment is rarity. So why should we play something that rarely happens??? Therefore, if we (the player) record accidently or by inattention (or someone because of not knowing), of  this unwritten rule of numbers behaviour three or two numbers from previous drawing in one option, then we can almost immediately consider this option WITHOUT CHANCE TO SUPERPRIZE !

    But the player, who doesn’t know anything about above said remains with a hope for smart combinatorics…

   And now look at what the “smart” combinatorial system has written for us with our numbers (photo №81 and №83)!

   Can you see how combinatorial system has written out numbers for us!!!!

   Smart combinatorics don`t take into account the nature of drawing of the “repeat event” !!!

  1) - In 2 options out of 17 are written 4 numbers from previous draw in one option (photo №84) !!!

Photo № 84

    We already know, that two numbers from the previous drawing are rarely get drawn again in the next drawing, but the system has written for us … 4 numbers for a repeat!!!!!... Somehow it is not friendly…. Very unfriendly… One of these almost never drawn events happened on 12March 2015 in the lottery “Australia Powerball” (photo №85).

Photo № 85

2) - In 6 options out of 17 the combinatorial system has written for us 3 numbers in one option from previous draw, which is also at the moment do not get drawn (photo №86) !! 

Photo № 86

   Out of 260 last drawings only in one drawing were drawn together 3 numbers from previous draw!

3) - In 8 options out of 17 the combinatorial system has written for us 2 numbers in one option from previous draw (photo №87).

Photo № 87

   The repeat of two numbers from previous drawing does happen, but not so often! In the last 260 drawings only in 18 drawings there was a repeat of 2 numbers. Why then combinatorial system write this for us?!

  4) - Only in one single option out of 17, “smart” combinatorial system had written for us 1 number for a repeat from previous draw (photo №88) !

Photo № 88

  But this is the case when often gets drawn the repeat event in the real drawings, with one repeat number! But “friendly” combinatorial system to us, seems doesn’t want us to have a serious chance of winning, which gave only 1 option!

  We also talked about that at the moment №42 photo №55, almost always been drawn with one of the numbers from previous draw! Have a look… how combinatorial system has written the history of behaviour of number №42 (photo №89)!

Photo № 89

   It is very hard to reach out to a super-prize, but with such smart mathematical “combinatorial” help you can even forget to dream about it…

Under each combinatorial system also written “SYSTEM GUARANTEE and etc.”



   I want when choosing the numbers try to adhere to those rules, to which obey drawing the numbers, and write them down according to these rules, so that whenever possible there is always a real chance to reach to SUPER-PRIZE and not other way around!

   Lotteries are different, so the player himself determines to which lottery he can apply random combinatorics and to which it does not fit.

  For example there are different electronic lotteries such as “CINEMA” (Greece), in which gets drawn every 5 minutes 20 numbers out of 80, but this already different story…