Hello dear visitors of the site section, “ Super Lotto Plus – Hunting  for Consistent Patterns ”.
   Who of you has not dreamed of winning the lottery jackpot? Millions of people are not only dreaming but also trying to achieve the dream by playing and buying lottery tickets.
   The main objective of any player who plays digital lottery is the selection of numbers. Before the next lottery draw each player asks the same question :  “ What numbers should I choose for the next draw ? ”
   The destiny of the jackpot will depend on the selection of your numbers. Will you win it or will you leave it to somebody else to win ? 
   But how and where to look for these future prize numbers ? 
   Are there any unwritten and invisible rules for us players for the random selection of the prize winning numbers ?
   Does any order at all exist in randomly drawn numbers ?
   Are there any consistent patterns in a randomly drawn numbers ?
   My name is Lottosniper and from 2011 my favourite hobby is the transcription of the drawn prize numbers behaviour from different lotteries over the world . 
   I will introduce to your attention on this site some exclusive and unique information about the behaviour of the prize numbers drawn in the lottery “Super Lotto Plus”. By knowing these different random consistent patterns behaviour in the drawn prize numbers, anybody who plays lottery can effectively try to use it to achieve the best results by predicting winning numbers .
   Hopefully the information presented on the site will be interesting and useful for both beginners who haven’t used any statistical analysis before and for active players who are interested in different statistical information of the drawn numbers.
  Isn’t this interesting and important information?! – Yes! It is, was and will be available, but it does not just lie on the surface! For you to be able to find this interesting information and use it I had to create, invent and improve many different conditions or observation rules and write down past lottery draw results .
   In my collection you will not find methods of picking numbers with the help of mathematical formula – I am not a mathematician. I am an ordinary person and therefore will explain it in a simple way so that everyone can understand. I also don’t use the “odd and even” method – because everyone knows that in the next lottery draw both odd and even numbers will be drawn.
    Some of them will be drawn more and some less. And, of course, even children understand that future selected numbers also will belong to a different tens numbers. It was more difficult for me to find other simple but persuasive ways of picking or not picking certain numbers .
   The site consists of free of charge and payable sections .